A brief overview.

Hi, I'm Riley, and I'm currently studying computer science and data science at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, graduating in the Spring of 2025.

At UVA, I'm a teaching assistant for Computer Systems and Organization I and II, and a developer at theCourseForum . I've been a software engineering intern at Dell Technologies, the United States Navy, and worked as an information technology intern at Virginia Railway Express.

I love all things to do with computing, but my main areas of interest are systems, such as operating systems, networks, security, embedded systems, and backend web development.

Modern computer systems complexity is fascinating. I'm always trying to increase knowledge of the stack, from transistors all the way to - how does JavaScript run in a browser?

When I'm not indulging in tech, I love to read and write, listen to music, attempt to play guitar, mountain bike, and get outside exploring nature. If you're curious about my work experience in further detail, continue reading.

My experience in technology.

During the Summer of 2024, I was a software engineering intern at Dell Technologies working for Powerstore on the backend protocols team. I built developer tools for bottleneck identification and performance profiling on backend components near the xNVMe drive interface, and FIO workload automation tooling that could be run against devices on the appliance itself. I also spent some time backporting new features into legacy performance analyis tools.

I am a computer science teaching assistant at the University of Virginia where I instruct for Computer Systems and Organization I, an introductory systems course that teaches about hardware design, circuits, x86 assembly, and C programming. I primarily host office hours, labs, and assist in exam preperation. I've really enjoyed this role, and it's taught me a lot about discussing problems and knowledge transferring. This Fall I'm returning to CSO1 as well as CSO2, our secondary systems course that focuses on C programming for systems concepts like concurrency, virtual memory, and Linux internals.

The Summer of 2023, after my final year at community college, I was a software engineering intern for the United States Navy, at the Dahlgren research facility . As a part of the CIAT team, I worked on naval training software where I spent most of my time improving the existing software by addressing security concerns, outdated programming methodologies, and adding unit tests. I was able to experience working on a large software project, and was introduced to things like CI/CD, agile development, proper version control, and working in a lab with hardware appliances.

From the Summer of 2022 to Spring of 2023, I was an information technology intern at Virginia Railway Express . As my first 'proper' technical role, I learned a lot about being in a professional environment. From a technical perspective, I did a lot of physical networking both in-office and at train stations, shell scripting to automate tasks and aggegrate data, and general help desk stuff. I ended up working here part time until the Summer of my second year at community college.

More about me.

If you're interested in what sort of content I consume; I log most everything I read on Goodreads, my movie history on Letterboxd, and my album listens on RateYourMusic. Feel free to peruse my questionable takes.